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About Watermark Engineering Group

WATERMARK brings innovation, responsiveness and quality to our clients with every project that we undertake. Since our inception in 2004 we have completed an estimated 300 diverse projects across Florida. These projects include private development, public works, coastal water resource management, and water and nutrient management research.

At WATERMARK, we are experienced engineering professionals that have originated from a diverse technical and geographical background, but share a common belief that our clients can benefit from well-planned projects that capitalize on the aesthetic and ecotourism benefits of water resources that are unique to our state.

The story of our firm's trademark, and our name says it all:

"Integrated Engineering Solutions for Florida's Water Environments".

With this signature tagline, WATERMARK is proud to educate our clients about a "One Florida Water" concept. ​ Specifically, we recognize that Florida's continued economic prosperity depends on conservation and management of water resources, for "one water supply".

Florida's water resources are ecologically critical, economically beneficial and the future for generations ahead of us!

About The Founder

Mark Flint, Professional Engineer

Mark Flint is the founder and president of WATERMARK. He brings over 30 years of diverse civil, environmental and water resource experience to the firm. Mark has been labeled by his clients as an innovator, creative, and strategic in meeting the demands for engineering services in an ever changing regulatory environment. Mark conveys his passion for engineering and Florida’s water resource to WATERMARK staff and his clients with responsive service and sound engineering advice.