An archive of our work

Land Development and Civil Engineering
  • Sweetwater Development Hardee County DRI-7,000 Ac. Concept Planning Services
  • Winthrop Subdivision (Mixed Commercial-Single Family)
  • Visconti-International Drive (290 Apartment Units with parking garage)
  • Magnolia Park (290 Apartment Units on 25 Acres)
  • Suncoast Plaza (40 Acre Mixed Use Commercial with 225 Apartment Units)
  • Oyster Bay Townhomes Project
  • Publix Supermarket-North Port AC-5 Site
  • Lowes Hardware Site Development, Oldsmar
  • Home Depot-Hillsborough County (COT Water Line Relocations)
  • North Point Mixed Use (Commercial and Office)
  • Up The Creek Restaurant (Commercial Site)
  • Pediatric Surgery Center, Pasco County
  • Mixed Use Medical and Office- North Port AC-1 (30 Acres)
  • Walgreens Store-North Port AC-5 NW
  • Jennifer Gardens ACLF Facility Site Construction
  • US 301 Watermain Design
  • Falkenburg Road FM Design (Private)
  • City of North Port Water Structures Condition Assessment (60 Structures Inspection Program)

Integratred Water Services
  • Hillsborough County Hollomans Branch 5C Watershed (Approx. 15,000 LF of Drainage and Culvert Upgrades with Floodplain Storage)
  • Hillsborough County Hollomans Branch 2 Watershed (Project Development and Environmental Studies)
  • Hillsborough County Lower Sweetwater Creek/Upper Town ‘n Country Drainage (180 CFS Stormwater Pumping and 2000 LF of Improved Ditches)
  • Hillsborough County Ambassador Drive Drainage Improvements
  • Hillsborough County Falkenburg Road Drainage Improvements
  • Hillsborough County Winston Park Drainage Improvements (Culvert Replacement)
  • Floodplain Evaluation and Little Manatee Model SWMM, Private Development
  • Harbor Island Stormwater Pond Media Filter Retrofit
  • Alligator Creek-Briarwood Upflow Media Filters Design Development/Monitoring
  • Walgreens Store 7157 Upflow Filter Retrofit Design
  • Alligator Creek-Valencia Nutrient Separating Baffle Box-Integrated Bioswale
  • Magnolia Village WTP Hydro Tank Replacement, Pilot Disinfection Studies
  • Immokolee Reserve, Seminole Tribe, RO Reject Stream Management/Sprayfield
  • TBW Desalination Plant NPDES Site Permitting
  • Big Cypress Reserve, Seminole Tribe, 1 MGD WWTP Rapid Infiltration Pond Design
  • Hollywood Reserve, Seminole Tribe, 1 MGD WWTP Rapid Infiltration Pond Dosing Plans
  • Immokolee Reserve, Seminole Tribe, RO Reject Stream Management/Sprayfield
  • Howard F. Curran AWWTP Methanol Pump and Piping/Controls Replacement
  • St. Petersburg SWRF Biosolids, Schwing Bioset Reactor Installation

Inland Lakes and Coastal Engineering Services
  • Natures Preserve Marina (Concept Planning for High and Dry Boat Storage)
  • Little Manatee High and Dry Marina
  • Westshore Yacht Club High and Dry Marina
  • North Port-Myakkahatchee Creek/Canal Dredging Study
  • Apollo Beach Dredging Plan (Initial Concept Plans and Design)
  • EG Simmons Park Shoreline Protection Design/Build (Wave Attenuation/Artificial Reef)
  • Perrico Preserve Advance Seagrass Mitigation Project Boardwalk Design/Build
  • Lake Edna Water Quality Management Plan
  • Lake Jesup Total Phosphorus Removal Project (7 MGD Treatment System)

Industrial Water
  • Pepsi Products-Pretreatment System Design Coordination
  • Plantain Products Oil/Grease Separation and PS Design
  • Bosch + Lomb Industrial Water Use Evaluation
  • Tampa Pork Processors WW Treatment Evaluation (Pig Slaughter House)
  • Easy Car Wash Recycle System
  • Sparkle Car Wash Recycle System
  • Stone Top Industrial Wastewater Treatment System
  • West Tampa Granite Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste Systems of FL (Wastewater Pump Station)
  • ABC Trucks Site Plan and Stormwater Management
  • UCF Florida Solar Energy Research Site Design and Permitting

Agency Compliance Management
  • The Walgreen Company (Routine Evaluation of 125 Stormwater Facilities in Florida)
  • Carefree RV Park (Operations Maintenance Performance)
  • Magnolia Village WTP (DOH Potable Water Compliance Issue)
  • Gillespie Village MHP (Wastewater DOH Violation Compliance/Consent Order)
  • ParkCrest Stormwater Pond Violation (Corrective Design for SWFWMD ERP)
  • Walgreen Store 4800 Stormwater Pond Remediation(SWFWMD Violation)
  • Walgreen Store 6105 Stormwater Pond Design(City of Orlando Violation)
  • Walgreen Store 6786 Stormwater Pond Design (SWFWMD Violation)
  • Walgreen Store 7105 Stormwater Pond Design (SWFWMD Violation)
  • ADS Systems vs. Multipipe OSDS Drainfield System (Expert Witness FDOH Administrative Hearing)
  • Undisclosed Client vs. Pinellas County (Expert Witness-Water Quality)